Costa Rica - Famous costa ricans

José María Castro was Costa Rica's first president (1847–49, 1866–68). Juan Rafael Mora Porras, the second president of the republic (1849–59), successfully defended the country against the invasion of US military adventurer William Walker. General Tomás Guardia (1832–82) led a revolt against the government in 1870, became a dictator, and in 1871 introduced the constitution that remained in force until 1949. José Figueres Ferrer (1906–90), president during 1953–58 and 1970–74, is regarded as the father of the present constitution. Oscar Arias Sánchez (b.1940), president since 1986, won the Nobel Prize for peace in 1987 for his plan to bring peace to Central America. Ricardo Fernández Guardia (1867–1950) is regarded as Costa Rica's greatest historian. Joaquín García Monge (1881–1958) founded the literary review Repertorio Americano.

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