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Cooperatives are very important in Canadian agriculture and fishing, and also provide housing, medical insurance, transportation, and other services. Trade unions and professional organizations exist for a wide array of professions. Almost every city has a chamber of commerce, affiliated with the national Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Among organizations active in education are the Canadian Association for Adult Education, the Canadian Association of University Teachers, and the Industrial Foundation on Education, a research organization aiming to promote aid to education by business. The Canada Council is the official national agency for promotion of the arts, humanities, and the social sciences. The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts is the oldest arts organization with national prestige. The Canada Arts Council, a federation of professional cultural organizations, includes the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the Canadian Authors' Association, the Canadian Music Council, the Sculptors' Society of Canada, and similar societies. Many voluntary societies are active in the field of health.

The Canadian Red Cross Society, affiliated with the International Red Cross Society, has branches in all 10 provinces. There are also many health and medical associations promoting research and education on a wide variety of concerns. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is based in Toronto. The country has chapters of Amnesty International and Greenpeace.

Youth organizations exist for a variety of interests. The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), founded in 1981, has over 400 000 individual members and 65 student association voting members. The Canadian Council on Children and Youth (CCCY), established in 1958, works to defend the rights of youth. Other youth organizations include Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Canada, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, Canada World Youth, Canadian 4-H Council, Canadian Hostelling Association, Girl Guides of Canada, National Canadian Girls in Training Association, and the Progressive Conservative Youth Federation of Canada. Sports organizations exist for nearly every sport and leisure-time activity.

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