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In 2002, Belize had 2,880 km (1,789 mi) of roads, of which 490 km (304 mi) were paved. As of 2001, work continued on the rehabilitation of the entire Southern highway and the paving of the last 26 km (17 mi) of the Hummingbird highway. When these two projects are completed, the entire country will then be connected by a two-lane paved highway. In 2000, there were 8,500 registered motor vehicles, 3,400 of which were passenger cars. The country had no railways. There are 825 km (513 mi) of waterways consisting of seasonally navigable river networks used by shallow-draft craft. Belize City is the main port; in the late 1970s, deepwater facilities were constructed through financing from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). Other ports and harbors include Big Creek, Corozol, and Punta Gorda. In 2002 Belize's merchant marine was comprised of 315 ships, totaling 1,240,551 GRT. Several shipping lines provide regular services to North America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Also in 2001, airports totaled 44, only four of which had paved runways. International airports at Belize City (P.S.W. Goldson) and Punta Gorda handle services to the US and Central America. Maya Airways provides domestic service, and there are various international air carriers.

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