Belize - Housing

Housing is inadequate and the situation has been aggravated by hurricane devastation (Hurricane Mitch 1998 and Hurricane Keith 2000). The government has put aside small sums for low-cost housing programs. At last estimate, some 80% of dwellings were detached houses, and more than 15% were apartments. Slightly under 60% were owner occupied; more than 25% were rented privately; over 10% were occupied rent free; and less than 5% were rented from the government. Approximately 70% of houses were wood; more than 10% were concrete; less than 10% adobe; and less than 5% were wood and concrete.

In a 2000 report, it was estimated that nearly 100% of all urban homes had access to safe drinking water. About 71% of city dwellers and 25% of rural areas had access to improved sanitation systems.

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