Belize - Energy and power

Electric power supplied by ten diesel-powered generators is inadequate. As of 2002 Belize imported about half its electricity from Mexico. Of the remainder, 30% came from the Mollejon dam and 20% from thermal sources. A central authority, the Belize Electricity Board, supplies and operates the national power system. In 2001, total installed capacity was 0.067 million kW, including power from the Board's generators and additional wattage supplied by private industries and individuals. Production in 2000 was 192 million kWh. As of 2000 fossil fuels accounted for 58.3% of Belize's power generation, and hydropower 41.7%. Construction of a 7 MW, US $50 million hydroelectric power station on the Macal River, upstream from the Mollejon dam, was under way as of 2002 despite a suit by environmental groups pending before Belize's supreme court. The dam would be privately owned until 2034, after which the plant would be transferred to the government. In 2000, 83% of Belize's energy consumption (178.6 million kWh) came from petroleum and 17% from hydroelectric power.

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