Antigua and Barbuda - Labor

The total labor force in 2002 was estimated at 30,000. About 82% of the employed labor force worked in occupations connected with tourism or other services; 7% in industry, and 11% in agriculture, hunting, forestry, and fishing. The unemployment rate was officially 7% in 2000.

Around 75% of the workforce is unionized. Workers have a recognized right to strike unless either party in a dispute requests mediation. Employers found guilty of anti-union discrimination are routinely ordered to make compensation payments to an affected worker, although the employer will not be required to rehire the worker.

The law provides for a maximum 48-hour workweek, but most people work 40 hours on the average. In 2002, the minimum wage averaged $93.63 per week, but generally wages are paid according to experience and skill level. The vast majority of employed persons earned substantially more than the minimum. There is a minimum working age of 16, which is entirely enforced by the Labor Ministry.

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