Zimbabwe - Forestry

About 49% of Zimbabwe's land area is estimated to be forest, but this classification included scattered tree savanna and considerable areas of grassland likely to be reforested in the foreseeable future. Forestry is gaining importance in Zimbabwe. There are hardwood forests in the western part of the country and in the Victoria Falls area. About 100,000 tons of teak, mahogany, and mukwa (kiaat) are cut annually. Roundwood production totaled 9.2 million cu m (324.8 million cu ft) in 2000, with about 88% used as fuel wood. Sawn wood production that year was 386,000 cu m (13.6 million cu ft). Softwood afforestation projects have been undertaken in the eastern districts to supply local needs heretofore met by imports; however, the loss of woodlands may be as high as 1.5% per year.

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