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One of the most impressive tourist attractions in Zambia is Mosioa-Tunya ("the smoke that thunders")—Victoria Falls. In 1972, a national park system created 17 parks covering 8% of the entire country. The Kafue National Park, one of the largest in Africa, with 22,500 sq km (8,700 sq mi) of bush, forest, and plain, is well-served with tourist facilities. South Luangwa National Park is another outstanding wildlife area. Tourism in Zambia has maintained a steady increase over the past decade. Most travelers will need a visa. Proof of yellow fever vaccination within the last ten years is also required. Precautions against malaria are advisable.

In 2000, Zambia received 457,419 foreign visitors, mostly from other African countries. In 1999, tourism receipts totaled $75 million.

According to 2001 US government estimates, the cost of staying in Lusaka is about $151 per day. Expenses in other areas can be around $70 per day.

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