Zambia - Energy and power

A total of 7.8 billion kWh of electricity was produced in 2000, of which nearly 100% was from hydropower. Consumption of electricity in 2000 was 5.8 billion kWh. Total installed capacity in 2001 was 1.8 million kW. Zambia exports about 20% of its production to Zimbabwe.

Zambia is self-sufficient in electricity. The Kafue Power Station was commissioned in 1978, guaranteeing self-sufficiency in electricity even at times of low rainfall. This power station brought the total installed capacity in Zambia to more than 1,600,000 kW, compared with 600,000 kW in 1971. Installed capacity rose to 2,436,000 kW (92% hydro) by 1998. As of 1999, plans were under way to renovate the Victoria Falls hydroelectric plants to restore them to full generating capacity. In the same year, only 18% of Zambians had access to electricity.

Crude oil is imported by means of a pipeline from Tanzania.

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