Uganda - Ethnic groups

Uganda's ethnic groups are most broadly distinguished by language. In southern Uganda, most of the population speak Bantu languages. Sudanic speakers inhabit the northwest; Nilotic speakers, principally the Acholi and Langi, live in the north; and the Iteso and Karamajong in the northeast. The Baganda, who populate the northern shore of Lake Victoria, constitute the largest single ethnic group in Uganda, making up about 17% of the total population. The Basogo 8%; the Iteso 8%; and the Langi 6%. Perhaps 6% of the population (not counting refugees) is of Rwandan descent, either Tutsi or Hutu. Most of them live in the south. Bagisu constitute 5%; Acholi account for 4%; Lugbara another 4%; Bunyoro 3%; and Batoro 3%. The Karamajong account for 2%. Various other groups make up 23%; the remaining 1% is comprised of non-Africans, including Europeans, Asians, and Arabs.

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To me its such a blessing that uganda is endowed with such cultural diversity,its only apity that there are minimal studies that aren't extremely biased about them
There are 56 tribes in total. You better mention all of them least you be accused of ethnic discrimination.

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