Uganda - Climate

Although Uganda is on the equator, its climate is warm rather than hot, and temperatures vary little throughout the year. Most of the territory receives an annual rainfall of at least 100 cm (40 in). At Entebbe, mean annual rainfall is 162 cm (64 in); in the northeast, it is only 69 cm (27 in). Temperature generally varies by altitude; on Lake Albert, the mean annual maximum is 29° C (84° F ) and the mean annual minimum 22° C (72° F ). At Kabale in the southwest, 1,250 m (4,100 ft) higher, the mean annual maximum is 23° C (73° F ), and the mean annual minimum 10° C (50° F ). At Kampala, these extremes are 27° C (81° F ) and 17° C (63° F ).

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