Tunisia - Taxation

The standard corporate tax rate was 35% in 2002, but a reduced 10% is assessed on income from crafts businesses, fishing, boat outfitting, agricultural activities and service or consumption cooperatives. Exporting resident companies are exempt from most taxes. However, all companies are liable to a minimum tax of 5% of turnover, with a ceiling of 2,000 Dinar (about $1,470). There is also a 0.2% turnover tax on industrial and commercial establishments. Capital gains are taxed at 35%. Dividend income is not taxed, but income from royalties is subject to 15% withholding.Personal taxes include a progressive income tax (15-35% in 2002) and a benefits tax levied on gross salaries and paid quarterly by the employer to the National Social Security Fund. The inheritance (succession) tax is 6%.

The main indirect tax is Tunisia's value-added tax (VAT), with a standard rate of 18%, up from 17% as of 15 May 2001. A reduced rate of 10% is charged on internet connections and imported school books. The VAT rate on luxuries was increased from 25% to 26%.

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