The Gambia - Foreign trade

Peanut products are by far The Gambia's leading export. However, peanut exports were depressed in the early 1980s, first by drought and then by low world prices. Other exports include fish, cotton lint, and palm kernels. The leading imports are food, manufactured goods, raw materials, fuel, machinery, and transport equipment.

Principal trading partners in 1999 (in millions of US dollars) were as follows:

The Gambia

Belgium 2.1 11.1 -9
United Kingdom 1.4 20.6 -19.2
Senegal 0.5 4.4 -3.9
Netherlands 0.3 9.2 -8.9
France 0.2 13.0 -12.8
Japan 0.2 6.3 -6.1
China (inc. Hong Kong) 0.2 20.9 -20.7
Côte d'Ivoire 0.1 7.9 -7.8
Brazil n.a. 11.9 n.a.
United States n.a. 9.6 n.a.
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