The Gambia - Climate

The Gambia has a subtropical climate with distinct cool and hot seasons. From November to mid-May there is uninterrupted dry weather, with temperatures as low as 16° C (61° F ) in Banjul and surrounding areas. Hot, humid weather predominates the rest of the year, with a rainy season from June to October; during this period, temperatures may rise as high as 43° C (109° F ) but are usually lower near the sea. Mean temperatures range from 23° C (73° F ) in January to 27° C (81° F ) in June along the coast, and from 24° C (75° F ) in January to 32° C (90° F ) in May inland. The average annual rainfall ranges from 92 cm (36 in) in the interior to 145 cm (57 in) along the coast.

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