Sudan - International cooperation

Sudan, having joined the UN on 12 November 1956, participates in ECA and all the non-regional specialized agencies. The nation belongs to the African Development Bank, G-77, the Arab League, and AU. Sudan is a signatory to the Law of the Sea and has signed an agreement with Egypt, Uganda, and Ethiopia concerning the use and control of Nile waters. The headquarters of the Arab Bank for African Development are in Khartoum.

Under the provisions of the Egyptian-Sudanese Charter of Integration, signed by Nimeiri and Egyptian President Hosni (Husni) Mubarak in October 1982, the Nile Valley Parliament held its first meeting in May 1983 in Khartoum; the 60-member body was drawn equally from the two nations. In February 1983, the Higher Council for Integration, headed by Nimeiri and Mubarak, agreed to eliminate customs duties on most trade between the two countries. Sudan dissolved the institutions established under the charter of integration in 1986, although it claimed that the process would be revived.

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