Sudan - Armed forces

Sudanese armed forces totaled approximately 117,000 in 2002. The army had an estimated strength of 112,500, armed with 200 main battle tanks. The navy had 1,500 personnel and 6 patrol craft. The air force numbered 3,000 and was equipped with some 42 combat aircraft and 10 armed helicopters, plus air defense missile units. Paramilitary forces numbered 7,000 active members and 85,000 reserves. Defense expenditures in 2001 were estimated at $581 million. The Sudanese armed forces, largely Moslem, face the estimated 25,000 rebels of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army and another 3,000 in other opposition groups.

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Qamrul A. Khanson
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Sep 1, 2007 @ 1:13 pm
Sudan must seek political reconciliation with its own population in the southern Sudan, Darfur and in the east. Then a formidable Sudanese army, air force and navy could stand as a saviour for the nation of Sudan. No doubt, Sudan at peace could become an extraordinary example for rest of the African countries. Sudan is Africa and its Arab connection should make it militarily more stable.

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