Sierra Leone - Tourism, travel, and recreation

Sierra Leone has magnificent beaches, including Lumley Beach on the outskirts of Freetown, perhaps the finest in West Africa. Natural scenic wonders include Bintimani and the Loma Mountains, Lake Sonfon, and the Bumbuna Falls. There are several modern hotels in Freetown, as well as a luxury hotel and casino at Lumley Beach. There has been a slow response from the international community to change the image of the country to that of a tourist destination. Tourist arrivals numbered about 21,877 in 1996, and tourist receipts were about $10 million. In 1995 there were 1,025 hotel rooms with 1,990 beds and an occupancy rate of 14%.

According to 2002 US government estimates, the average cost of staying in Freetown is about $200 per day.

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