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In 1996, the labor force numbered 30,900. Services accounted for 71% of the workforce, with industry 19% and agriculture the remaining 10%. In addition, there are self-employed people, casual workers, domestic servants, and agricultural workers on small land holdings.

Seychelles had two trade unions organizations as of 2001: the Seychelles Federation of Workers' Union and the Independent Seychelles Workers Union. Employees have the right to organize and bargain collectively, but in practice most wages are set by the government—the country's largest employer. The government has the right to review and approve labor contracts between individuals and large firms. Approximately 15–20% of the workforce is unionized.

The minimum age for employment is 15, but children are encouraged to attend school until the age of 19 or 10th grade. Apprenticeships and vocational programs are available to those who leave school early. The minimum wage was $427 per month in 2001. Most workers also receive a variety of free public services. The legal maximum workweek is 45 to 52 hours, but most government workers work less than that. The government has issued comprehensive occupational health and safety regulations but they are not effectively enforced. The government is making attempts to improve this enforcement.

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