Seychelles - Judicial system

Magistrates' courts are normally the courts of the first instance. The Supreme Court hears appeals and takes original jurisdiction of some cases. The Court of Appeal hears appeals from the Supreme Court. The president of Seychelles makes appointment to the post of chief justice, and in consultation with the chief justice, the president appoints all other judges. Civil law is based on the French Napoleonic Code, while criminal law follows the British model. Members of the armed forces accused of serious offenses are tried by court-martial unless the President decrees otherwise. Executive and ruling party dominance in the judicial system has been challenged unsuccessfully. Judges are appointed for 5 years.

The Constitutional Court convenes weekly or as needed to consider constitutional and civil liberties issues. The Court of Appeal convenes twice a year and considers appeals from the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court only. In addition, an industrial court and a rent tribunal exist. Insufficient resources, inefficiency and executive influence obstructed timely and impartial justice.

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