Seychelles - Industry

In 2000, the manufacturing and construction sector contributed 29% to GDP. The average annual industrial growth rate was averaging 10% in the early 2000s. Tuna fishing and canning accounted for 70% of GDP in 2002. The largest plant is the tuna cannery, opened in 1987 and privatized in 1995 with a 60% purchase by US-based Heinz Inc. The tuna business has grown rapidly, and the joint venture between Heinz and the government was the single largest employer in the Seychelles in 2002. Other factories are smaller and process local agricultural products. A tea factory handles locally grown tea. Others process copra and vanilla pods and extract coconut oil. There is a plastics factory, a brewery and soft drink bottler, and a cinnamon distiller. Salt, cigarettes, boats, furniture, steel products, publications, animal feeds, processed meats, dairy products, paints, and assembled televisions are also produced. Oil exploration is underway, and geophysical and geochemical analyses indicate potential for commercial production.

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