Seychelles - Fishing

Per-capita fish consumption in the Seychelles is very high, yet the development of industrial fishing is at its early stages. The development of port services for foreign tuna fishing fleets since the early 1980s has raised incomes and living standards, while diminishing the role of artisanal fishing. Fishing accounts for about 1% of GDP and about 8% of exports. Foreign vessels fishing in Seychelles waters must be licensed to operate within the 200-mi economic zone, which encompassed one of the world's richest tuna-fishing grounds. French investments have focused on tuna fishing and canning. The European Community, Korea, and Japan hold the key licenses to Seychelles coastal fishing. Fish landings by the domestic fleet totaled 11,538 tons of skipjack tuna and 11,636 tons of yellowfin tuna. Exports of fish products totaled $113.5 million in 2000.

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