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Seychelles does not have the resources to maintain a comprehensive program of environmental regulation. The monitoring of the environment is complicated by the fact that the nation consists of 15 islands distributed over a 1.3 million sq km area. Seychelles has no natural fresh water resources. In addition, the nation has a water pollution problem due to industrial byproducts and sewage. Fires, landslides, and oil leakage also affect

LOCATION: 3°41′ to 10°13′ S; 46°12′ to 56°17′ E. TERRITORIAL SEA LIMIT: 12 miles.
LOCATION: 3°41′ to 10°13′ S ; 46°12′ to 56°17′ E. TERRITORIAL SEA LIMIT: 12 miles.

the environment in Seychelles. The government Environmental Management Plan of Seychelles 1990–2000 proposed 12 areas of environmental regulation. The Ministry of Planning and External Relations and the Ministry of National Development hold principal environmental responsibility. The Aldabra atoll is a native preserve. The olive ridley, hawksbill, and green sea turtles and the Seychelles black parrot, Seychelles magpie robin, and Seychelles warbler are threatened or endangered species. The Aldabra brush warbler and the Seychelles parakeet (or parrot) have become extinct.

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