Senegal - Organizations

The Daniel Boitier Center in Dakar is a Roman Catholic organization for the study of social and economic problems. Other social action groups include the Femmes Developpement Entreprise en Afrique, Goree Institute, and Hope Unlimited.

The Alliance Française sponsors lectures and concerts. Of the many sport and social associations in the towns, those for soccer are especially popular, but racing clubs, aero clubs, and automobile clubs are also active. National youth organizations include the Democratic Youth Movement, the Socialist Youth Movement, Young Workers Movement, YMCA, and the Senegalese Scout Confederation.

There are chambers of commerce, industry, and agriculture in the principal cities. Professional and trade associations also exist. The Consumers International Subregional Office for West and Central Africa is located in Dakar.

International organizations with national chapters include Amnesty International, Defence for Children International, and the Red Cross.

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