Senegal - Libraries and museums

There are four major libraries in Senegal, all located in Dakar. The oldest is the Archives of Senegal, founded in 1913, which has a collection of more than 26,000 volumes. The largest is the Central Library of the University of Dakar, founded in 1952, which has over 306,000 volumes. The Basic Institute of Black Africa (Institut Fondamental d'Afrique Noire—IFAN) and the Alliance Française maintain libraries of over 70,000 and 7,000 volumes, respectively. In addition to these major facilities, there are specialized libraries attached to various research institutes. In total, Senegal had 10 libraries associated with institutes of higher education in 2002.

The Museum of African Art in Dakar and the History Museum and the Museum of the Sea on Gorée Island are operated by IFAN. There are natural history museums in Dakar and Saint-Louis and a local museum in Saint-Louis.

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