Senegal - Ethnic groups

The largest ethnic group is the Wolof, who made up 43.3% of the total population in 1998; they live mainly in the northwest. The Pular rank as the second-largest group, constituting 23.8%. Closely related to the Wolof are the Serer (14.7%), in west-central Senegal, who are skilled peanut cultivators, and the Lebu, mostly fishermen and farmers, concentrated in the Dakar area.

Other important groups are the Diola of Casamance, making up 3.7% of the populace; the Mandink, in the southeast and in Casamance, accounting for 3%; the Soninke constituting 1.1%; the Tukulor, who live predominantly in the northeast; and the Fulani (Peul) and Bambara, scattered throughout the country. Europeans and Lebanese make up about 1% of the total population; other various groups constitute the remaining 9.4%.

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