Rwanda - Tourism, travel, and recreation

Tourism had declined in the 1990s due to war and economic factors. In 1997 new hotels and inns were opened in an attempt to rejuvenate the tourism industry. Tourists are drawn by Rwanda's mountain gorillas, wild game preserve, and by hiking opportunities in the Volcano National Park.

A valid passport is required of all tourists, and a visa is necessary for all but the nationals of Germany and the United States. A certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is required of persons arriving from an infected area. Malaria, cholera, hepatitis, and typhoid are health risks.

In 2002 the estimated cost of traveling in Kigali, according to the US Department of State, was $155 per day. Elsewhere in the country, daily expenses can average about $55.

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Jan 21, 2013 @ 5:17 pm
What types of recreational stuff is in RWANDA? It dosen't seem like this tells you anything, It seem like its talking more about tourisum than anything.

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