Niger - Religions

More than 90% of the population is Muslim, with the Tijaniyya, Senussi, and Hamalist sects being the most influential. The cities of Say, Kiota, Agadez, and Madarounfa are considered holy by local Islamic communities, and the practice of other religions in those cities is not as well tolerated as in other areas. In other areas, Christians, including Jehovah's Witnesses, and Baha'is do practice freely. Christians, including both Catholics and Protestants, constitute less than 5% of the population; they tend to be concentrated in Niamey and other urban centers with expatriate populations. The Baha'is are very active and do account for a small percentage of the overall populace; they too are located primarily in Niamey and in communities on the west side of the Niger River, bordering Burkina Faso. Traditional indigenous religions are also practiced by a small percentage of the population. Certain Christian and Muslim holidays are officially observed.

Though relations between religious communities is generally amicable, there have been reports of tension between certain fundamental Muslims and various Christian organizations.

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