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Postal and telecommunications services are government-operated. In the larger cities, telephones are automatic. There were 90,000 mainline telephones and 100,000 cellular phones in use in 2001. Radio Moçambique, the official radio service, broadcasts in Portuguese, English, Afrikaans, and local languages. TV Mozambique is the government-owned television service. As of 2001, there were 12 AM and 17 FM radio stations (about 14 were privately owned) and 1 national television station. In 2000, there were 44 radios and 5 television sets for every 1,000 people. The same year, 11 Internet service providers were serving 22,500 subscribers.

In 2002, major daily newspapers included Notícias (circulation 33,000), and Diario do Moçambique (16,000). Both papers are representative of the ruling party, as is the weekly publication Domingo (25,000). There are a number of smaller independent publications.

The constitution, the 1991 Press Law, and the 1992 Rome Peace Accords provide for free expression, including free speech and a free press; however, though some improvements were reported, the government has restricted some press freedoms.

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