Mozambique - Housing

In 1997, there were about 3,540,700 housing units nationwide to serve about 3,634,581 households. The average household had4.3 people. At last estimate, more than 60% of housing units were constructed of woven straw, about 15% of cane and woodsticks, and nearly 10% of bricks and concrete. Approximately 65% of all households used well water, nearly 20% river and spring water, almost 10% piped outdoor water, and less than 5% piped indoor water. Nearly 96% were without electricity, and over half had no toilet facilities.

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Jun 11, 2011 @ 8:08 am
I am going to Mozambique to build an addition onto an orphanige,(The Dream Project). I am looking for any information that may help. Looking for typical building supplies, blocks, lumber,
straw or thatch for the roof. Traveling tips, medical shots, etc. Thank you

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