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Morocco's scenic variety and beauty, fascinating medieval cities, and favorable climate contribute to a steadily increasing flow of tourists. Tourism is one of the fastest-growing areas of the Moroccan economy and a valuable foreign exchange earner. There were 4,113,037 tourists in 2000 with receipts totalling about $2 billion. The number of rooms available in hotels, pensions, and holiday villages was 66,823, with 128,357 beds and an occupancy rate of 48%.

Most visitors require passports but not visas for stays of less than three months. Coastal beach resorts offer excellent swimming and boating facilities. Sports associations are widespread, particularly for soccer, swimming, boxing, basketball, and tennis. Casablanca and Marrakech are favorite tourist destinations.

According to 2002 US Department of State estimates, the cost of staying in Casablanca was about $213 per day. Daily expenses in Marrakech were estimated at $161.

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