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The Moroccan Trade, Industry, and Handicrafts Association encourages economic development. Chambers of commerce, industry, and agriculture function in most Moroccan cities. British, French, Spanish, and international chambers of commerce are active in Tangier. There are associations of primary-and secondary-school teachers, parents, older students, and alumni.

Morocco has several drama societies, music organizations (notably the Association for Andalusian Music), and artists' associations. The multinational Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization is based in Rabat. Professional organizations include societies of doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, and engineers. Societies have been formed to encourage the study of economics, geography, prehistory, sociology, and statistics. The National Center for Planning and Coordination of Scientific and Technical Research was established in 1981.

There are at least two major student political groups: the National Union of Moroccan Students and the General Union of Moroccan Students. There are youth movements affiliated with political parties and religious institutions. Scouting programs are also active in the country.

The National Mutual Aid Society, a welfare organization with many subdivisions, is headed by Princess Lalla Aïcha, the king's sister. The Red Crescent Society is also active.

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