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In 2000, industry accounted for one-third of GDP, and industrial output rose 3.5%. Leading industrial sectors in 2002 were phosphate rock mining and processing, food processing, leather goods, textiles, and construction. Morocco holds the world's largest phosphate reserves.

The manufacturing sector produces light consumer goods, especially foodstuffs, beverages, textiles, matches, and metal and leather products. Heavy industry is largely limited to petroleum refining, chemical fertilizers, automobile and tractor assembly, foundry work, asphalt, and cement. Many of the processed agricultural products and consumer goods are primarily for local consumption, but Morocco exports canned fish and fruit, wine, leather goods, and textiles, as well as such traditional Moroccan handicrafts as carpets and brass, copper, silver, and wood implements.

There are two oil refineries, one at Mohammedia and one at Sidi Kacem, with a total refining capacity of 155,000 barrels per day. There are also several petrochemical plants, a polyvinyl chloride factory, and many phosphate-processing plants. The Mahgreb-EU pipeline has been operating since 1996. There are four plants assembling cars and small utility vehicles: Renault Moroc, Sopriam, Somaca, and Smeia. A number of cement factories are also in operation. The Safi industrial complex, opened in 1965, processes phosphates from Youssoufia, pyrrhotites from Kettara, and ammonia.

Ownership in the manufacturing sector is largely private, but the government owns the phosphate-chemical fertilizer industry and much of the sugar-milling capacity, through either partnership or joint financing. It is also a major participant in the car and truck assembly industry and in tire manufacturing.

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