Morocco - Flora and fauna

Extensive stands of cork oak exist in the Atlantic coastal region, while rich evergreen oak, cedar, and pine forests are found on the slopes of the Atlas. In the steppe region, shrubs, jujube trees, and the mastic abound, and along the wadis there are poplars, willows, and tamarisks. The olive tree is widely distributed, but the oil-yielding argan tree, unique to Morocco, grows only in the Sous Valley. The desert is void of vegetation except for occasional oases. Although the lion has disappeared, panthers, jackals, foxes, and gazelles are numerous. The surrounding waters abound in sardines, anchovies, and tuna.

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May 27, 2010 @ 11:11 am
I found the article very interesting and wondered if anyone knows of a book that covers nature (flora, fauna, trees and animals) of Morocc - particularly the High Atlas Mountains.
I met a guide while trekking there and he needs to learn the basic names of the above in English so ideally the book should be written in simple non-technical English and be predominately photographic. A tall order, I'm aware, but any tips would be very welcome.
Many thanks
John Waterman

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