Mauritius - Science and technology

In 1987–97, 361 scientists and engineers and 158 technicians per million people were engaged in research and experimental development, with expenditures totaling 0.4% of GNP. The Mauritius Institute in Port Louis, founded in 1880, is a research center for the study of local fauna and flora. The Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute, founded in 1953, is located at Réduit. The University of Mauritius, founded in 1965 at Réduit, has schools of agriculture, engineering, and science. In 1987–97, science and engineering students accounted for 14% of college and university enrollments. The Regional Sugarcane Training Center for Africa, located in Réduit, is sponsored by the United Nations Development Program. The Port Louis Museum maintains collections of fauna, flora and geology of Mauritius and other islands of the Mascarene region.

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