Mauritius - Organizations

There are various commercial and scholarly organizations of the Western type, including the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry; the Indian Traders' Association; the Mauritius Employers' Federation; The Mauritius Cooperative Agricultural Federation (which had 209 member societies in 1993); and the Mauritius Cooperative Union.

National youth organizations include the Young Socialists, the Mauritius Scout Association, the Mauritius Student Association for the United Nations, the Mauritius Union of Students' Councils, the Mauritius World Federalist Youth, the Mauritius Young Communist League, the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs, and YMCA/YWCA. The International Council of Hindu Youth also has a base in Mauritius. The Institute for Consumer Protection, founded in 1983, offers programs for maternal and infant health.

The multinational Indian Ocean Commission, founded in 1982, is based in Mauritius. International organizations with active chapters in the country include Amnesty International and the Red Cross.

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