Mauritius - Judicial system

The statutes are based mainly on old French codes and on more recent laws with English precedents. The Supreme Court has a chief justice and six other judges who also serve on the Court of Criminal Appeal, the Court of Civil Appeal, the Intermediate Court, the Industrial Court, and 10 district courts. Final appeal can be made to the UK Privy Council.

The president, in consultation with the prime minister, nominates the chief justice, and then with the advice of the chief justice also appoints the associate judges. The president nominates other judges on the advice of the Judicial and Legal Service Commissions.

The legal system provides fair public trials for criminal defendants. Defendants have the right to counsel, including court-appointed counsel in case of indigency.

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Jul 21, 2010 @ 11:11 am
I want to know about marriage law in Maritius and legal standing of a Indian marriage to a citizen of maritius and a Indian citizen

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