Mauritius - Industry

Since 1986, Export Processing Zone export earnings have led those of the sugar sector. Investors are primarily from Mauritius itself and Hong Kong. The textile industry is the leading sector in the EPZ, with more than 90% of the EPZ's goods being produced for the US and Europe. Other important products include chemicals, electronics, non-electrical machinery, transportation equipment, precision engineering, skilled crafts, toys, nails, razor blades, and tires. Manufacturing accounts for around 25% of GDP. Mauritius is also emerging as a major business and financial center.

Manufacturing centers on the processing of agricultural products, sugar cane in particular. Of the 20 large sugar-producing estates 17 have their own factory. Normal production varies between 600,000 to 700,000 metric tons, but adverse weather during the late 1990s reduced these figures. Molasses and rum are among the sugar by-products produced in Mauritius. Local tobacco is made into cigarettes, and factories are maintained to process tea. Other small industries produce goods for local consumption, such as beer and soft drinks, shoes, metal products, and paints.

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