Mali - Energy and power

Petroleum exploration was conducted in the early 1980s, but without success. The Senegal River Development Organization's dam at Manantali on the Senegal River, begun in 1981 and inaugurated in 1992, provides power and irrigation water for Mali, Mauritania, and Senegal. It has the capacity to add some 400 million kWh annually to the Malian grid. In 2000, Mali's total electricity production reached 462 million kWh, of which 43.3% was from fossil fuels and 56.7% from hydropower. Consumption of electricity in 2000 was 429.7 million kWh. Installed capacity in 2001 was 114,000 kW. A 44.8 MW hydroelectric facility at Selingué, southwest of Bamako on the Sankarani River, was completed in 1982. Given Mali's drought-prone circumstances, hydroelectric production is unreliable, and production at the Selingué plant is suspended when reservoir levels are low.

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