Madagascar - Libraries and museums

The principal libraries are the National Library in Antananarivo, with 236,000 volumes, and the university library, with 195,000 volumes. Other important libraries include the National Archives (30,000 volumes), the Antananarivo municipal library (23,000), and the Albert Camus Cultural Center Library (35,000).

The palace of the queen in Antananarivo contains important art, archaeological, and historical exhibits, especially concerning the Merina kingdom. Other museums in the city are the Gallery of Fine Arts; the University of Madagascar's Museum of Art and Archaeology; the Folklore, Archaeology, Paleontology, and Animal Museum; the Historical Museum, and a natural history museum. There is also an oceanographic research museum in Nosy Bé, a regional museum in Toamasina, and university museums in Fianarantsoa and Tuléar.

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