Madagascar - Forestry

The forested area of Madagascar is estimated to cover more than 11.7 million ha (about 28.9 million acres), or about 20% of the land. The main objectives of forestry policy have been to arrest further destruction of the woodlands, to pursue a systematic reforestation program in the interests of soil conservation and the domestic demand for construction timber, and to continue to meet the domestic need for firewood, of great importance in view of the absence of petroleum or exploited coal deposits. Eucalyptus, introduced at the end of the 19th century, acacias (especially mimosa), and various kinds of pine have been extensively used in reforestation. Raffia is the only forest product exported in any quantity. Roundwood removals were estimated at 9,730,000 cu m (343 million cu ft) in 2000; 99% was used for fuel.

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