Lesotho - Energy and power

All of Lesotho's power is imported, mostly from South Africa. On 24 October 1986, an agreement was signed with South Africa to undertake the jointly financed Lesotho Highlands Water Project. The project called for two 34-km (21-mi) tunnels to transport water from Lesotho's rivers to South Africa, with the first delivery in 1996 and maximum operation by 2020. Plans involved construction of seven dams, as well as a hydroelectric plant that could meet almost all of Lesotho's power needs. In 1999, the first phase of this plant, the 80 MW Muela hydroelectric facility, came online. However, as of 2001 there was no data for electricity production in Lesotho. Lesotho produces no petroleum and imports virtually all petroleum products from South Africa.

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