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Temperatures vary widely from one geographical zone to another, and frequently within zones, depending on the altitude. In the lowlands, temperatures reach 32° C (90° F ) or more in the summer and rarely fall below -7° C (19° F ) in the winter. The range in the highlands is greater; temperatures sometimes fall below -18° C (0° F ), and frost and hail are frequent hazards. Rainfall, which is mostly concentrated in the months from October to April, averages 71 cm (28 in) annually, varying from 191 cm (75 in) in parts of the mountains to as little as 60 cm (24 in) in the lowlands. Most of the rainwater is lost through runoff, and droughts are common.

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This is a wonderful site!! Glorious information!! It helped me with my report that I am busy composing of Lesotho.

It is wonderful that the nature is beautiful!
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wow... not very much info here. did not find very helpful. i got about 3 sentences of info out of it for my presentation... not good...
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Dec 18, 2011 @ 5:17 pm
This site is awesome! I learned everything I needed to know about Lesotho's climate, for my social studies project. Thanks!

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