Kenya - Animal husbandry

In 2001 there were an estimated 13.5 million head of cattle, 8 million sheep, and nine million goats. The number of chickens was estimated at 32 million. Kenya is self-sufficient in red meat production. Most of the beef comes from culling the dairy cattle, and from zebu breeds used by pastoralists moving their herds around Kenya's vast arid and semiarid areas. Total meat production in 2001 was 459,000 tons, with beef accounting for 65%.

Milk production is adequate for domestic needs; in 2001, fresh whole cow milk production amounted to 2,639,000 tons. Milk production is concentrated in the Rift Valley and Central Provinces. Together, these two provinces contain about 80% of Kenya's dairy cattle population. Dairy production accounts for 12% of the total value of agricultural output. About 300,000 small dairy farmers produce 80% of the milk.

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