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Game shooting, a major attraction for many travelers in Africa, is popular in Guinea-Bissau. Game is abundant in the open country, as well as in the more hazardous forest and jungle areas. The traditional practices of various ethnic groups also interest and attracts tourists. The island of Bubaque and the town of Bolama are cited for their charm and beauty. All visitors need a valid passport and a visa secured in advance.

In 1999, the UN estimated the cost of staying in Bissau at $76– 134, depending upon the choice of hotel. Daily expenses are an estimated $44 in Bubaque and $68 in Bafata.

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Best way to obtain VISA for Guinea Bissau,
Safe and good valued hotel for Oct.19-21, two nts. for two in one bed.
They need a Meet & Greet at the OXB airport and a tour guide.
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