Guinea-Bissau - Location, size, and extent

Situated on the west coast of Africa, Guinea-Bissau, formerly Portuguese Guinea, has a total area of 36,120 sq km (13,946 sq mi), about 10% of which is periodically submerged by tidal waters. Comparatively, the area occupied by Guinea-Bissau is slightly less than three times the size of the state of Connecticut. Besides its mainland territory, it includes the Bijagós Archipelago and various coastal islands—Jeta, Pecixe, Bolama, and Melo, among others. Extending 336 km (209 mi) N S and 203 km (126 mi) E W , Guinea-Bissau is bordered on the N by Senegal, on the E and SE by Guinea, and on the SW and W by the Atlantic Ocean, with a total boundary length of 1,074 km (667 mi).

Guinea-Bissau's capital city, Bissau, is located on the country's Atlantic coast.

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