Guinea-Bissau - Foreign trade

Cashew nuts account for 70% of exports in terms of revenue, followed by fish, peanuts, palm kernels, and sawed lumber. The lumber trade shrunk in the late 1990s due to deforestation, but the fish sector is expected to grow. Imports include industrial and commercial supplies, fuels and lubricants, and transport equipment. Imported foods, beverages, and tobacco often surpass in value that of all of Guinea-Bissau's exports. Principal trading partners in 1998 (in millions of US dollars) were as follows:


India 48 1 47
Italy 6 2 4
Thailand 3 6 -3
Spain 2 11 -9
Portugal 2 19 -17
Japan 1 2 -1
Pakistan 1 5 -4
Netherlands n.a. 6 n.a.
France n.a. 4 n.a.
Senegal n.a. 9 n.a.
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