Ghana - Organizations

Cooperatives have played an important role in marketing agricultural produce, especially cocoa. The Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana promotes growth and development in the national cocoa industry and sponsors research in techniques for processing cocoa, coffee, shea, and kola. The National Chamber of Commerce, with headquarters in Accra, has 13 district chambers. The Ghana Employers' Association strives to promote better relations between workers and business owners. Professional organizations and unions exist for a number of careers and occupations.

National cultural associations—including associations of writers, musicians, artists, dancers, and dramatists—have been established. The Ghana Science Association was founded in 1958. The Ghana Academy of Arts and Science was founded in 1959. National youth organizations include the Agricultural Youth Association, the Democratic Youth League of Ghana, the Ghana Scout Association, National Union of Ghanaian Students, Presbyterian Young People's Guild of Ghana, Student Christian Movement of Ghana, Green Earth Youth Organization, and groups of the YMCA/YWCA. Ghana has active chapters of the Red Cross and Amnesty International.

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