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Gabon's tourist attractions include fine beaches, ocean and inland fishing facilities, and scenic sites, such as the falls on the Ogooué River and the Crystal Mountains. Many visitors come to see the hospital founded by Albert Schweitzer at Lambaréné. In addition, there are two national parks and four wildlife reserves. Hunting is allowed in certain areas except during October and November.

Tourism facilities are limited. In 2000 there were only about 2,450 hotel rooms. An estimated 155,000 tourists arrived in Gabon that year with tourism receipts totaling about $7 million. A visitor must have a passport and visa, except if from France, Germany, or certain African countries. Evidence of yellow fever immunization is also required.

In 2002, the US Department of State estimated the cost of staying in Libreville at $182 per day. Expenses elsewhere can be as low as about $70 per day.

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