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The National Library (founded in 1969), National Archives (1969), and Documentation Center (1980) together form a collection of 25,000 volumes. The Omar Bongo University in Libreville has 12,000 volumes. The Information Center Library in Libreville has 3,500 volumes. There are also American and French Cultural Centers in Libreville housing modest collections. The Museum of Arts and Traditions at Libreville is a general interest museum. The National Museum of Gabon is also in Libreville.

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Ratina Moegiono
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Dec 19, 2013 @ 11:23 pm
I would like to review the content of The Museum , The Museum of Arts and Tradition and The National Museum of Gabon in Libreville
This will give an idea of time before my trip
Is there any Book I could read on Gabon Arts ?

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