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Ethiopia is a composite of more than 70 ethnic groups. The Oromo (Galla) group represents approximately 40% of the population and is concentrated primarily in the southern half of the nation. The Amhara and Tigrean groups constitute approximately 32% of the population and have traditionally been dominant politically. The Sidamo of the southern foothills and savanna regions account for 9%, while the Shankella make up about 6% of the population and reside on the western frontier. The Somali (6%) and Afar (4%) inhabit the arid regions of the east and southeast. Nilotic peoples live in the west and southwest along the Sudan border. The Gurage account for 2% of the population; the remaining 1% is made up of other groups. The Falasha (who call themselves Beta Israel, and are popularly known as "black Jews") live in the mountains of Simen; they were reportedly the victims of economic discrimination before the 1974 revolution and of religious and cultural persecution after that time. Some 14,000 were secretly flown to Israel via the Sudan in 1984–85. About 14,000 more were flown out of Addis Ababa in 1991. Another 4,500 are believed to remain. The Beja of the northernmost region, the Agau of the central plateaus, and the Sidamo of the southern foothills and savanna regions are the remnants of the earliest known groups to have occupied Ethiopia.

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Thanks Meklit for pointing the misuse of the word. it's very offensive to call Oromos "Galla". please make a correction on the statement. I think a person who has a wisdom do not use or say that kind of word to describe an ethnic group now a days.
do not say sidamo there is no such name in thiopia it is the mis naming of the people of sidama instead say sidama for ever ok!
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I don't know any people represented "Galla". I think it is the feudal word.
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Fist of greeting all ethiopians but could be 6% the population of ogaden or somali as you know somali population is the secend after oromo please look back i think you got mistake about as and if i told you about us we settle the eastern part of ethiopia and we are ethiopian
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Also Ogadeni The Amhara population is larger than the somali population.
How the hell you use the word GALLA, which oromo people ain't accept it, rather as insult.
You cannot use the word GALLA as interchangeable name of Oromo.
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This information, including the naming of the ethic group is incorrect. i am from that country and I can assure you this information cannot be used for any personal or corporate (research) purposes. In addition some of the used names are obsolete, derogatory and insulting and should be removed from the web.
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There is no ethnic group called 'Galla' and 'Shankella' in Ethiopia as well as in the rest of the world. The so-called 'Solomonic Dynasty' used to use these words to humiliate, undermine and discourage some ethnic groups. Hence, I kindly request you to remove these hateful and derogatory terms from your article. Thank you!

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